Blended Fertilizer

For a specific blends and needs, please contact you nearest agent or the office.

A few of our basic blends include:

  • 101(36)
  • 210(30)+Zn
  • 232(22)+Zn
  • 232(30)+Zn
  • 234(30)+Zn
  • 310(28)+Zn
  • 315(26)+Organic containing Carbon and Micro nutrients
  • 320(25)+Zn
  • 321(25)+Zn
  • 321(32)+Zn
  • 421(31)+Zn
  • 434(33)+Zn
  • 713(21) +Organic containing Carbon and Micro Nutrients
  • 815(25)+Organic containing Carbon and Micro Nutrients
  • Dynamic Organic – Compost Containing Carbon and Micro Nutrients


  • Prescription Blends can be made  to your needs, with added Macro and Micro Nutrients, as well as Organic components