• We blend and bag fertilizer to fit our customer needs, to the best standards in South Africa, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Bag sizes are 50kg, 500kg, and 1 tons bags, of which the 50kg bags can be supplied wrapped/unwrapped on a pallet.
  • Soil sampling is available at your closest agent, or if Precision sampling is needed, we opt to use an Independent company which has no relations in selling fertilizers.
  • We also provide Agronomist advice when needed by the customer.
  • We also provide Geo Agro services which supports & facilitates the adoption of new tools for information management & precision agriculture. Log in:
    Geo Agro
  • We also provide Agropedo services that specializes in soil classification and crop risk mitigation. Starting with identification and using tools like soil classification to digitally map any risk of potential. Serving clients by gathering real time,soil and crop status information that will guarantee a positive changes on any farmers path.                                                                                                                                            Agropedo Logo

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any of the above services or if more information is needed.